• The world's favorite superhero again?


             I Watched Man of Steel this past weekend, and for months leading up to this release, I had high expectations for this film and I got to say, those expectations were exceeded. I was highly entertained across the board. From the direction to the writing to obviously special effects and more importantly the portrayal of all the characters by the actors. I was thoroughly impressed with the care the production team took with this film.


               When it comes to superheroes, Generally Superman is almost always the first one that comes to mind. I mean think about it, comic book fan or not, the majority of us, our first foray into the world of the super powered was Superman. He is just an iconic figure all across the globe, showing us regular folk what it means to be not only the best physically but morally as well. He always held himself to the highest standard, as did we as a society.  As a child growing up, I remember seeing the old Superman cartoons telling me to, “Eat your vegetables, get good grades, & listen to your parents”. Always the Role Model wasn’t he?


                  All that being said, I often wondered why during the comic book movie explosion of the last 13 years or so, why hasn’t there been real concentrated effort to bring The Boy Scout to the big screen?! I mean he’s SUPERMAN! He should have had every bit of creative power behind him as the Batman Series did. With Superman Returns, while I think it had its good moments, I it just felt like they tried to fit in too much in one movie. The storyline was just not that amazing. It really just missed the mark. When word first came out that there was another Superman reboot in development I was like, “Here we go again, another flop on deck”. But when I saw that first trailer, I changed my tune. I said to myself, “Self, I think they finally got it right!” I was genuinely excited for this movie. And as opening weekend drew closer, I got the impression that so was the rest of the world.  Social Media was abuzz. Water Cooler convos revolved around it. Friends made plans in advance to see it. There was almost like a sense of urgency to make sure you saw it. They wanted to see the guy that could leap tall building in a single bound, and was more powerful than a locomotive. The World missed Superman.




             I am glad to say today that even though it took 33 years, (Yes, Superman II was the last decent Super flick) the creative team of Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan (doesn’t get much better than that) put out one spectacular movie. The pace of the movie was perfect for an origin story. Often time’s origin movies spend too much time explaining and detailing certain aspects of the story that the movie just drags and messes with the pace. For the first time in live action film, the audience gets to experience in depth what the planet Krypton looks like (which was visually stunning by the way) and you get to learn quite a bit about what type of people Kal-El’s parents were.  I especially liked how Man of Steel weaved the flashbacks & present moments together to form one fluid story and keep you interested; so that once the action started you were all in till the end.  Now I won’t get too in depth into the movie because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, and I want to give everyone a chance to see it, but I will say that Superman is once again The World’s Favorite Superhero………for now.



    Julio - Founder