About Us

Just a couple of guys that love comics.


     My love for comic books began when my mom came home from work with a box of old Marvel comic book westerns of Kid Colt Outlaw, Rawhide Kid, Two Gun Kid and others.  I was hooked instantly and a lifelong passion was born. But it was the world of Spider-Man that really sealed the deal. Everything about Peter Parker and his world just appealed to me on so many levels and to this day he is my all time favorite Comic Book character. One of my closest buddies, Dennis was the first friend I ever made that shared that love with me, so when I thought of embarking on this endeavor it only made sense to do it with him. In short we just wanted to create a space where we can share our passion with the world and invite collaboration with other fanatics like us!

    Julio@thecomiclife.com  - Founder


    I’ve been into comics since the Death of Superman but didn’t start collecting until Legion’s Quest (you know that whole storyline that kicked off the ORGINAL Age of Apocalypse).  Once that storyline got a hold of me I knew that I would spend whatever spare change I had to collect comics and immerse myself in that world. Over time, as comic culture has spread and become more popular I have enjoyed sharing my comic knowledge with my good friend Julio and the growing population of comics fan.  When Julio told me he was starting thecomiclife.com it was only natural that I join him in this endeavor. Anyway, I just like comics and nerdy stuff. 

     Dennis@thecomiclife.com  - Co-Founder